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How to reset or hard reset Smart televisions

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We provide you with the instructions to restore your smart TV to factory settings and erase all its content.

If you are thinking of selling or giving away your television, you must do a reboot or hard reset to erase all browsing history and internet searches as well as to remove your accounts from Samsung, LG, Google, Sony, Netflix, HBO, etc. from the television and protect your privacy.

You can also reset or format your TV if it does not have enough internal space to install applications or if you notice that it works slower than normal.

Once your television is reset, you can consult the tutorial to tune the channels on that same television.

Questions and answers from users about "How to reset or hard reset on televisions"

Isabela - 07/04/2024 15:59

I tried to reset my TV and now it's the LED no stop blinking. I don't know what to do, please I need help. TCL 32 Android TV Model: 32ES568 Serial Number: Z2047053174

Anders - 16/03/2024 15:08

there are no volume button on the tv - what to do then?

Anders - 16/03/2024 14:10

If there is no psysical volume buttons - then what? I cant find the buttons on this tv Thomson 32HE5606. The power button is located in the middle, "behind" the power light. Please help.

Илья - 25/02/2024 15:27

Появился чёрный экран. Пишет недостаточно памяти. Кнопок громкости на телевизоре нет. Как сбросить до заводских настроек, подскажите. На телевизоре есть только одна кнопка включения. В меню не могу зайти, просто не открывается.