Televisions with RJ45 network plug

15070 TVs with Ethernet port

What is the Ethernet port?

The ethernet or RJ45 port is a standard port for connection to local area networks for computers, through this port it is possible to connect a television to a router and thus have a cabled internet connection instead of a wireless WiFi connection.

Current SmartTV televisions usually incorporate a network card with ethernet connection, however extremely flat televisions may not incorporate them due to technical limitations, since an RJ45 connector for internet connection via ethernet has fixed dimensions, for There is no such thing as a “mini-jack” at the moment.

The advantages of connecting a television to the internet via cable are several:

- Higher connection speed, since the connection is direct, there would only be a small loss if the distance between the TV and the router is very large.

- Connection without interruptions or interferences. Other electrical devices or the Wi-Fi signal from neighbors can interfere with our wireless connection. On the other hand, in large houses or with many walls, the signal is usually weak or does not reach the television.

- Greater security since the WiFi signal can be intercepted, instead to intercept and read the data transmitted by cable they would have to have physical access to the cable itself.

On the contrary, the disadvantages are not having the freedom and flexibility of movement of the television, that very few houses have network wiring through the walls and the price of installing the network wiring itself for a cable connection.