TVs with 8K Ultra HD resolution

417 8K Ultra HD resolution TVs

What is 8K UHD?

8K is the next leap in screen resolutions for televisions, 4K screens have 4 times more pixels (color points) than a high definition or HD screen and 8K televisions have 2 times the resolution of a 4K screen, that is, they contain 7680 x 4320 pixels or 33.1 megapixels.

What benefits does an 8K UHD TV have?

Currently, few television broadcasts and few streaming services offer 8K content, which is something to keep in mind, since we will not be able to fully enjoy the resolution that these televisions offer us.

However, it is a bet for the future since little by little they will incorporate this resolution, a few years ago 4K resolution was seen as something very distant and currently it is the standard in video on demand services and physical format, even some DTT channels already broadcast in 4K.

The main advantage of an 8K screen is the size that can be achieved with this technology without giving up a sharp and realistic image in which the pixels are not appreciated.

8K Ultra HD televisions are manufactured from 55 inches since for smaller sizes this resolution is not worth it.