TVs with VESA mounting system

17811 VESA Mount TVs

What is VESA?

VESA is the acronym in English for Video Electronics Standards Association, in Spanish, Association for Electronic and Video Standards, it is an international association of electronics manufacturers.

The mounting system for flat panel displays is commonly referred to as a VESA mount however and the correct number would be VESA Mounting Interface Standard or MIS.

The VESA association has developed other standards for displays such as DisplayHDR and DisplayPort.

The VESA mounting standard defines a means for this size of television or screen, it consists of a system of four holes on the back of the television to which the bracket is screwed and this bracket can be fixed on a wall, table or furniture.

The advantages of mounting a TV hanging on the wall are multiple, from being able to place the screen in a high place without the need for furniture, the aesthetic advantage of not using the support, to safety, since being fixed to the wall prevents can be overturned.

The most common VESA measurements are: 200x200 for TVs up to 32 inches, VESA 400x400 for TVs up to 60 inches, and VESA 600x400 for TVs with larger screens up to 84 inches.

There are VESA wall mounts for fixed or articulated televisions, vertically or horizontally and for different screen weights, you can see what type and dimensions of support each television needs in its characteristics by searching the “Panel mounting interface” section.