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Welcome to our frequently asked questions page dedicated to solving all your doubts and problems related to televisions. Here, you will find a wide range of solutions and expert advice for the most common challenges you face with your TV. From connection and signal issues to difficulties with applications, including regional restrictions, language settings, and restoration processes.

Whether your TV turns off unexpectedly, has trouble connecting with other devices, or you experience difficulties installing applications, we are here to help. Additionally, we will provide you with step-by-step guides for troubleshooting and explain how to make adjustments and settings to make the most of your TV's capabilities.

Whether you have a latest-generation model or an older TV, consult your TV model using the search tool or by navigating through the most common TVs of each brand.

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions by users and the answers from professionals and technology experts.

Questions and answers from users about "Frequently asked questions about televisions"

M S - 02/05/2024 09:32

Iam unable to connect my newly bought vizio M 51A to my Hitachi tv It has no eArc , it has ARC . Sound bar has eArc , unable to recieve Audio Signals from HDMI connection Can any one help me out on this Issue

Radomir - 24/04/2024 17:49

Hi, my 43geu7900b keeps turning on screensaver (or promo video, whatever that video with wolves is) after few seconds of inactivity. Even more important , when watching something from the android box connected to the hdmi it nevertheless turn it on. So I'm watching the movie and after 10 seconds this screensaver starts. Has anybody some kind of solution? I would try factory reset, but don't know the code as TV was a gift.

Jos - 24/04/2024 14:31

got a used smart tv 46pfl5007h12 from my daughter and installing tv channels was no problem but when i go to smart part i see some apps down on the screen and if i p.e click on youtube nothing is happening only the lightbulbs on the sceen are showing some reaction I tried the internet icon and found google and it stops again. checked the network and was connected to my network. what is wrong and can you please help me to enjoy this smart tv . Thanks in advance, M.J.J de Kloet

Sylvain - 10/04/2024 15:51

youtube is not playing no my tv philips

Ratan - 08/04/2024 16:47

How do I solve reverse picture issue in MI LED L32M5-AL

Arlene - 24/03/2024 15:56

Can you tell me when model Le24K097u was manufactured

TheLastBaron - 09/03/2024 11:33

Please provide details on how to connect a Fire stick to the TV without the Philips remote control, using buttons on the set and the Fire stick remote control. Thank you. It's driving us nuts.

Kajzer - 05/03/2024 13:39

Ne mogu pokrenuti Google račun na svoj Philips 32PFH5500/88 Vratio sam svoj Philips 32pfh5500/88 iz 2018. koji radi na Android Google TV-u na tvorničke postavke. Od tada se ne mogu prijaviti na svoj Google račun, od početne faze postavljanja do prijave u aplikaciju Google Play ili Youtube na TV-u. Piše da su moje korisničko ime i lozinka netočni, ali sam 100% siguran da su točni. Negdje sam pročitao da je moguće da je Google Play na tvorničkim postavkama mog TV-a stara verzija, a da bih ga ažurirao, moram se povezati putem TV-a putem nekog softvera za razvojne programere kako bih prenio novu verziju Googlere Play usluga, ali nisam mogu.... Softver na kojem moj TV radi je najnoviji dostupan (QM152E. Može li mi itko pomoći?! Hvala!