List of smart TVs with webOS

Smart TVs with webOS 2024

What is webOS?

WebOS is a Linux-based operating system for smart devices, it is also known as webOS TV and open webOS.

WebOS was initially developed by Palm as an operating system for mobile phones and tablets, later it was released to the public as open source and in 2013 it was sold to the company LG whose intention was to incorporate it into its range of smart televisions that until then used a much more complex operating system. limited called NetCast.

The applications for the webOS operating system are based on HTML, CSS and Javascript, which means that app developers do not have to learn a new programming language, this brings the benefit that it is easier and cheaper to make applications and therefore than virtually all video-on-demand platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, DAZN, Rakuten TV, HBO Max, etc. can have their application in the webOS ecosystem.

So far, the webOS operating system is only installed on LG smart TVs, although the brand has shown interest in other manufacturers incorporating it in the future.

As advantages of the webOS operating system we can highlight the large number of applications available, the speed of its interface, its security and the guarantee of being an operating system maintained and constantly updated by LG, which is currently the second largest manufacturer of televisions in the world. world.