The DTT blackout and how to continue enjoying your TV

Goodbye to the SD era: the DTT blackout and how to continue enjoying your TV

Goodbye to the SD era: the DTT blackout and how to continue enjoying your TV

Last update: June 20, 2024

Picture this: you sit on your couch, ready to enjoy your favorite show, but instead of the crisp, clear image you're used to, you're greeted with a black screen. No, it is not a temporary technical problem; It is the result of the blackout of SD channels on Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT). But what does this mean exactly? Why is it happening and, most importantly, how can you continue enjoying DTT in HD even if your television is not prepared for it? This article will guide you through this significant change, exploring its reasons, consequences and, above all, low-cost solutions to keep you hooked on your favorite shows without interruptions.

The reason behind the blackout

First, let's talk about why your favorite SD channels are saying goodbye. The answer is on the one hand progress and on the other hand the limitations in the bandwidth of wireless telecommunications. Technology advances, and with it, our thirst for image quality that makes us feel like we are right in the action. SD (standard definition) channels simply can't compete with the clarity and precision that high definition (HD) offers. This blackout is a push towards a more immersive television experience, paving the way for even more advanced technologies, such as 4K and perhaps, in the future, 8K.

But mainly the problem is that there is no bandwidth in the electromagnetic spectrum for 4G, 5G, WiFi networks and also all television channels, so the channels that broadcast in low definition are going to be eliminated to leave free those frequencies.

Consequences of change

The main impact is obvious: if your TV or set-top box is exclusively SD, you will find yourself with a screen that could serve better as a mirror. But there is more at stake. This change also means better use of the radio spectrum, allowing services like 5G to expand and improve.

Low-cost solutions

Here comes the crucial part: how to continue enjoying DTT without having to buy a new television. Here are some affordable solutions:

1. External HD decoders: The simplest and most economical option. These small devices connect to your TV via an HDMI cable and transform HD signals so your SD TV can display them. Prices vary, but there are quite affordable options on the market.

2. Smart Antennas: Some modern antennas come with built-in HD decoding capabilities. If you need a new antenna anyway, consider one of these to kill two birds with one stone.

3. Streaming stick: Although it is not a direct solution for watching DTT channels, a streaming stick can give you access to a wide variety of HD content over the internet. It is an excellent way to modernize your television without a large outlay.

The most popular streaming sticks are: Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google Chromecast with Google TV, Xiaomi MI TV Box S, Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, Nvidia Shield TV, Amazon Fire TV Cube, Realme 4K Smart TV Stick or Nokia Streaming Box.

Many channels offer their content through their own apps or streaming platforms, some of which are free or have very low costs. If you have access to the internet and a compatible device (such as a smartphone, tablet, or even the same streaming stick mentioned above), this can be your way to not miss anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

- Will all SD channels disappear?

Yes, eventually, but the process may be gradual, depending on your region and the transition plans of each chain.

- Do I need a new antenna to receive HD channels?

Not necessarily. If your current antenna picks up SD channels well, it should be sufficient for HD. If your television can already tune to HD channels, you don't have to worry, the low-resolution channels will simply disappear. However, a better quality antenna can improve reception, in any case you should consult an expert.

- Is it complicated to install an external HD decoder?

Not at all. It's almost as simple as connecting a DVD or any other device to your TV via HDMI or Scart. Just be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

- Can I update my TV's firmware to watch HD channels?

Unfortunately no, a firmware update will not allow you to watch channels in high definition. Firstly because televisions with low definition tuners are very old, at least 10 years old and manufacturers do not release updates for such old devices, and secondly because a software update cannot enable a functionality since it is a limitation of the hardware, that is, the processor that is built into the television does not have enough power to display images in high definition and the tuner is not designed to receive the signal in HD.

- My TV is HD, why can't I watch channels in HD?

Many TVs sold a decade ago were sold as HD or HD Ready, but this only meant that they could display HD images if an external source such as a DVD, BluRay, games console or set-top box was connected via the HDMI connection, but They could not tune into HD channels, there were simply hardly any HD channels and it was not worth it to the manufacturers to include a more expensive tuner, in this way they ensured a lower price and that after a few years the television would become obsolete.

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