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Watch free and legal internet television

Watch free and legal internet television

Last update: April 23, 2024

If you have difficulties connecting your television to an antenna, or if you have an older model that does not support the transmission of channels in high definition, don't worry. There are various alternatives to access television over the internet. These options are not only free, but they also comply with the law, offering you a wide variety of content at the touch of a remote control. In addition, the ease of access and the diversity of programs available on these platforms is immense, allowing you to choose what to watch and when to watch it without the limitations of conventional television.

When you discover these options you will see that it is not necessary to pay a monthly subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max or Disney+ to be able to watch movies, series and television programs online.

We start by explaining the applications that you can install on any smart TV that has an application store and then other applications that are exclusive to certain brands.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a streaming app that offers a variety of linear channels and on-demand content for free. Unlike other streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu, Pluto TV is designed to mimic the experience of traditional television viewing, offering specific channels with fixed program times as well as allowing the selection of programs to watch at any time.

It does not require subscription or registration, but includes advertisements during the transmission of programs, allowing the service to be free for users.

Pluto TV has a variety of content, including television shows, movies, sports, and specific content for different interests and ages.

Pluto TV is available for televisions with Android TV, Samsung Tizen and LG WebOS, search for it in the application store of your television and you can start watching all the content legally and for free.

Available on Samsung, LG, Fire TV, Google TV and Android TVs.

Rakuten TV

Rakuten TV is a video streaming platform that offers a variety of services including movie rental and purchase, on-demand content, and a subscription service. It is part of the Japanese company Rakuten. The platform is designed primarily for the European market and offers a wide range of content, including recent Hollywood releases, European cinema, documentaries, series and exclusive content.

Rakuten TV has movies, series and channels that can be watched for free with the only requirement of being registered and the obligation to watch advertising that may appear at the beginning or in the middle of the broadcast.

This platform is available on various devices, including smart TVs, tablets, computers and smartphones, allowing users to access content from virtually anywhere.

Available on Samsung, LG, Fire TV, Google TV and Android TVs.


Tivify is an online television service that operates primarily in Spain, offering a combination of live and on-demand television content. It provides access to a variety of national and regional channels, as well as international content. The interesting thing about Tivify is that it not only focuses on traditional television channels, but also integrates other streaming services and applications into a single platform, making it easy for users to manage their multimedia entertainment from one place.

Tivify's service is available in different plans, including a free option that offers access to a limited number of channels and features, and paid plans that expand the number of channels available and offer additional features such as program recording and viewing content on multiple devices.

Tivify can be used on a variety of devices, including smart TVs, mobile devices, tablets and computers.


TDTChannels is an app that you can find on Google Play and the App Store. You can not only use it on your Android TV or Google TV, but also on any computer, tablet, iPad, Fire TV, Android mobile phone or iPhone.

TDTChannels is an IPTV type app; That is, it is a player to which you must add lists of the channels or content that you want to play. This means that TDTChannels does not transmit or distribute content, nor does it own any content; It acts as an aggregator where you must add lists that include the official servers of the television channels. The advantage of TDTChannels is that everything is concentrated in a single platform and it is not necessary to register or download each of the applications for each channel, allowing you to quickly switch between different channels.

TDTChannels is a free and open source app that is financed by advertising banners that appear on the home screen, but does not include advertising before or during the transmission of the content. Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is a system where television service is delivered through an Internet connection, rather than through traditional means such as satellite or cable.

Archive TV, better known as the Internet Archive, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the digital preservation of Internet content and other media. Founded in 1996 by Brewster Kahle, its mission is to provide "universal access to all knowledge." The site acts as a digital library and archive, offering free, public access to collections of digitized books, movies, music, software, websites, and more.

The Archive for TV is's app for televisions and mobile devices where you can enjoy the copyright-free content, rarities and restored videos they have collected on

The app contains advertising that finances both the servers and the development and maintenance of the applications.

Available on the App Store, Android TV, Roku, Apple TV, Google TV and Amazon Fire TV.


Plex is a media platform that allows users to organize and stream their personal collection of videos, music, photos, and more, both on their local network and over the Internet. Plex acts as a media center that organizes your entire collection of digital content in a clean, easy-to-navigate interface.

In addition to allowing the playback of the user's own content, Plex has launched its free TV service, just like Pluto TV or Rakuten TV allows you to watch a series of live channels with advertising.

Plex is available for download on Roku TVs, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Google TV as well as Xbox and PlayStation.

Rlaxx TV

Rlaxx TV is a free streaming service that offers access to a variety of content through an advertising-supported video on demand (AVOD) platform. This service is designed to provide an experience similar to that of traditional television, but over the Internet, offering channels that transmit content continuously as well as the ability to select specific programs to watch on demand.

Rlaxx TV's offering includes multiple genres such as sports, music, movies, series, documentaries, and children's programs, among others. One of the objectives of Rlaxx TV is to offer personalized and high-quality content to its users, adapting to their viewing preferences.

Rlaxx TV is available on multiple platforms, including smart TVs, streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV and Roku, and mobile apps, allowing users to access content from a variety of devices.

This service launched in Germany and is gradually expanding its availability to other international markets, offering localized content in different languages. Rlaxx TV seeks to differentiate itself in the streaming market through its free, ad-supported model, providing an accessible alternative for consumers looking for entertainment content without monthly subscriptions.

Samsung TV Plus

Samsung TV Plus is a free streaming service offered by Samsung to owners of its smart TVs and some mobile devices. This service provides access to a variety of live television channels and on-demand content without the need for a subscription, purchase, or additional downloads.

Samsung TV Plus includes a wide range of content ranging from news, sports, entertainment to movies, and more. Channels and content available may vary by country, adapting to local preferences and regulations.

This service is particularly attractive to Samsung users because it is pre-installed on compatible devices and is completely free, funded by advertisements displayed during the broadcast of programs, similar to how traditional ad-supported television works. Additionally, Samsung has been continuously expanding its channel and content offering to improve the user experience and compete in the growing streaming services market.

The main drawback of this service is that it is only available for Samsung televisions, and cannot be downloaded to televisions from other manufacturers.

LG TV Plus (Formerly LG channels)

LG Channels, formerly known as LG Channel Plus, is a free streaming service offered by LG on its smart TVs. Similar to Samsung TV Plus, LG Channels provides a variety of live TV channels and on-demand content at no cost to the user. This service is built directly into LG Smart TVs and is available on select models.

The service offers a wide range of content including news, sports, entertainment, movies, and children's programs, among others. The channels are delivered over an Internet connection and the service is advertising supported, meaning that users can see advertisements while watching the programs.

LG Channels is designed to complement the traditional television experience, providing users with easy access to additional content without the need for additional subscriptions. The number and type of channels available may vary depending on the geographic region, adapting to local interests and complying with the regulations of each market.

Available on LG televisions.


TCL Channel, formerly known as "TCL Roku Channel," is a free streaming service offered on TCL smart TVs using the Roku platform. This service provides access to a wide variety of content including movies, series, news, and television shows, without the need for a subscription.

The TCL Channel leverages Roku's infrastructure to offer a free, ad-supported service. Users can enjoy a mix of on-demand content as well as live channels.

The content available on TCL Channel may vary depending on region, but generally includes a diverse selection to appeal to a wide range of tastes and preferences, making TCL TVs an attractive option for users looking for accessibility and variety in their daily entertainment.

Available only on TCL televisions.

Arte TV

Arte TV is a Franco-German television channel that focuses on the promotion of culture and the arts in Europe. Founded in 1992 as a collaboration between France and Germany, Arte has established itself as a public television channel offering diverse, high-quality programming in several languages, primarily French and German, but also English, Spanish, Polish and Italian. through subtitles or dubbing.

In addition to its traditional television channel, Arte offers a streaming service through its "" platform, where users can access its content online. This platform allows viewers to watch programs live and on demand, making it easy to access their content from anywhere in the European Union.

Arte TV is highly valued for its contribution to cultural understanding and cooperation between European countries and is a respected source of enriching educational and entertainment content.

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